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wogan s. badcock, sr.

Wogan Badcock (b.1898 d.1987) purchased his first furniture store from his father in June, 1920 for $1.78 and a promissory note for $9,000, and built it into a chain of over 240 stores. The slogan "Badcock Will Treat You Right" has been the family motto since 1904, when the company started in a two-room store, with living quarters in the back.

He was a true pioneer in both the wholesale furniture distributor's area and at the retail level. He was one, if not the first, of the wholesale distributors to be a legitimate retailer and not just a wholesale showroom.

Badcock pioneered the idea of franchises before the word meant anything outside of baseball. He was able to make a success of the franchise stores (he called them "associate stores"). His honest, truthful, and upright way of doing business was indelibly imprinted on the Badcock Corporation's personality. His policy of greeting and hearing the presentation of all manufacturers' representatives who called is still in practice.

He received many honors as an industry and community leader; the state of Florida cited him for outstanding leadership in helping to develop the state; the Mulberry Press dedicated an entire daily paper to his life; the Mulberry Little League complex and the Municipal Pool were dedicated in his honor.