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amos giles rhodes

Amos Giles Rhodes (b.1850 d.1928) founded the Rhodes Furniture Group. He first arrived in war ravaged Atlanta in 1875 with total capital of $75 in cash, a gold watch, and a horse and buggy. He considered himself lucky because many people had much less.

He began to manufacture and sell picture frames. Although people wanted to buy them, they had little money. So he adapted his selling technique to fit the prevailing economic conditions and created a market among the poor. Rather than grant straight credit, he agreed to a small weekly payment and combined collection routes with his selling routes. The plan was an instant success and buying on the installment plan was born.

He then moved into home furnishings with the first Rhodes furniture store opening in the fall of 1875. From this simple but ingenious beginning, Rhodes Furniture has grown to a 75 unit chain of stores in ten Southeastern states. The stores' continuing acceptance and growth is due in no small part to practicing the principles established by Mr. Rhodes: give the public reliability, service and quality.

Rhodes established the A.G. Rhodes Home for older people, which still exists. He strongly supported numerous civic and charitable organizations and was a strong supporter of the Christian Church in Atlanta.

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