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felix e. wright

Felix Wright (b.1935), born and raised in rural Texas, is a graduate of East Texas State. He believed early in life that a person's most valuable attribute is their personal integrity. This principle of business integrity has been one of the benchmarks of Mr. Wright's management style throughout his long career at Leggett & Platt and remains a cornerstone of the company today.

His service to the industry dates back over 45 years beginning with his hiring as a customer service manager in Leggett & Platt's Ennis, Texas, facility. Since that time, he has served in a variety of leadership positions including president and chairman of the Board of Directors. One of his greatest contributions to the home furnishings industry has been his unwavering support in the industry's manufacturing base. Time after time, he has personally stepped in to assist a small startup operation during a difficult period. This recognition of the importance of finding creative solutions to the customer's problem has helped the industry to meet the ever changing demands of the consumer. Under his direction, Leggett & Platt has multiplied its product offerings and distribution network.

His leadership skills were developed over his many years of managing a wide range of facilities throughout several geographic regions of the country. Mr. Wright realized early in his career that great leaders must be great listeners. He always encouraged the employee partners of Leggett & Platt to share their thoughts about the company and how it could be improved. As a result, the company continues to benefit from a culture that supports and rewards employee participation. With the help of Mr. Wright's leadership, Leggett & Platt has grown from a handful of facilities to serving the furniture and bedding industry as the largest component supplier in the world.

Throughout his career, he has been a longtime supporter of the numerous industry and trade associations. As past president of the Suppliers Council of the National Association of Bedding Manufacturers and the American Innerspring Manufacturers Association, he is extensively involved in civic, community, and charitable activities and organizations.