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lawrence k. schnadig

An early developer of sleep sofa mechanisms, Lawrence Schnadig (b.1908 d.1997) was also among the first upholstery manufacturers to establish an in-house quality control laboratory which later led to industry quality performance standards. He served his industry well during crisis times as president of the National Association of Furniture Manufacturers.

In the 1940s and during World War II, Mr. Schnadig served as head of the Consumer Durables Division of the War Production Board. In the post-war years, with Sears as a partner, he acquired half interest In International Furniture Company and Karpen, eventually buying out the retail giant and establishing the Schnadig Corporation of today. At age 80, he could be found overseeing production on the floor of one of Schnadig's upholstered furniture plants. He served on the Board of Governors of Chicago's American Furniture Mart and as head of its Marketing Committee, responsible for establishing furniture market dates.