Leadership initiative

Creating a New Class of Leaders

For more than 30 years, the Hall of Fame has recognized exceptional leaders. We are launching a Leadership Initiative to create a new class of innovation and leadership for all segments of the industry: manufacturing, furniture designers, retail, interior designers, sales representatives, fabrics, suppliers and partners, and building management. 


1.       To facilitate ongoing Hall of Fame Inductee involvement with future leaders by sharing the wisdom, knowledge and leadership of inductees through:

  • Small group dinners and lunches, which are an honor to attend

  • Partnership with young leader groups already in the industry to sponsor events at Markets and to connect them with Inductees and other leaders.

2.      To Launch The Chairman’s Challenge

  • Spearhead new executive development experiences for leaders who are under 40, customized to our industry and fostering deeper networking.

  • Sponsor and co-sponsor a speaker series on innovation and leadership, in collaboration with Furniture/Today, NHFA, WithIt, IHFRA, ASFD, IDS, NextGen and other industry organizations.

  • Continue the Keynote Speaker at the Induction Celebration to expose the general industry to world-class leaders.

3.       Create a Long-Term Educational Relationship with a university, delivering programs on strategic leadership and innovation through:

  • Launch executive training courses geared to home furnishings.

  • Introduce day-long university seminars.

  • Begin case studies by a University to be used in executive training.

There are many industry organizations and publications that provide training that is management-driven.  Our Leadership Initiative is focused on long-range, strategic thinking that will foster a new culture of leadership and innovation – programming that is relevant to the industry with a perspective of our strengths and our weaknesses. This Executive Development Track addresses the desire of younger talent for mentoring, inspiration and a connection with other future leaders through this learning experience.

Recognizing Future Leaders

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