1.   What exactly is the Hall of Fame?

As the only organization that embraces all segments of the home furnishings industry, we are on a global mission to honor our leaders with induction into the Hall of Fame, to roll out a new leadership initiative that will create a new class of innovation and leadership, and to tell our story through video, oral interviews and memorabilia that, in the near future, will be housed in a permanent home worthy of our great heritage.

2.   How are inductees selected?

As a member of the Foundation, you have the privilege of nominating a candidate for induction. Inducted members of the Hall of Fame are selected confidentially by a seven-member committee who meticulously search for the most outstanding leaders of the home furnishings industry. The committee members, all heads of companies and organizations representing various aspects of home furnishings, spend hours researching and vetting the nominations before voting independently on a points-based system via a secure web-based ballot.  The results are received by our accounting firm, Sharrard, McGee & Co., PA.

Members of the Hall of Fame represent four foundational qualities:

  • ENDURING EXCELLENCE in their personal and business affairs, who is considered an inspiration, role model and mentor to others.

  • SUPERIOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS as an enduring and visionary leader in their field, and their organizations exemplify the highest standards for their customers and for their employees.

  • INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY whose ideas have greatly influenced and impacted the industry and produced changes in design, retailing, merchandising, marketing, manufacturing, importing, supply chain or support services to the industry.

  • PHILANTHROPIC GENEROSITY of their time, talents and resources to others, whether that may be the industry, professional associations, service enterprises, civic endeavors, charitable and religious organizations, or educational institutions.


3.   How do I nominate someone?

First, you must join as a Foundation Member.  Then download the nomination form.  Be certain that you answer all of the questions directly and thoroughly, because the committee members take all of this information to heart in their decisions, along with other information that they will gather confidentially.


4.   How many women have been inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Six women have been inducted into the Hall of Fame:


5.   Is it tax deductible?

Annual Foundation Memberships and Sponsorships are fully tax deductible.  The fair market value of goods and/or services received (food and drink) that is not deductible is $112 per ticket; the remainder can be taken as a taxable deduction.  We are proud to say, that as an historical organization, 87% of all fundraising goes to programs, which puts us in a very high rating for organizations in our class.


6.   How do I join and what are the different levels of    memberships and what are the benefits of each one?

Membership is open to anyone who works in the home furnishings industry around the world.  Three levels of individual memberships are offered: $250, $500 and $1,000.  Click here for the details of each level.


7.   Where is the Induction Celebration?

Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons

3121 West Gate City Boulevard

Greensboro, NC 27407

ENTRANCE:  Conference Center

Cocktails, 5:30 - 6:30 pm, 3rd Floor Lobby

Dinner, 6:30 - 9 pm, 1st Floor, Guilford Ballroom

After Party, 9:15 - 10:30 pm, Guilford Ballroom Lobby


8.   Do you have a museum? Can I come visit?

No, not yet.  But a museum in High Point, with interactive exhibits and information is in our strategic planning. Keep an eye on us!


9.   Where is the Wall of Fame and Walk of Fame?

The Wall of Fame is inside Furniture Plaza on Main Street but only open during the High Point Market.  The Walk of Fame is on the sidewalk on Main Street between Commerce Street and Green Drive.


10.   How do we preserve our own company’s history?

Click here to find out!


11.   Why should I support the Hall of Fame?

The home furnishings industry deserves no less than to be able to honor our leaders with a great celebration, to preserve our history and tell our stories, and to create a new class of leadership and innovation as we prepare for a permanent home in High Point.