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nathan i. bienenstock

Nathan I, "Sandy" Bienenstock (b.1902 d.1988) was one of the most important home furnishings journalists of his generation. During his 66 year entrepreneurial career, he reached out to the retail community, furniture manufacturers, sales representatives, and designers, both personally and through the pages of "FURNITURE WORLD." a publication that continues to thrive through his vision into its 127th year.

He became an authority on furniture styles, production methods and marketing. Articles in "Furniture World" and educational brochures have provided "how-to's" and much needed training to all areas of the industry.

He traveled world wide for more than half a century collecting over 8,000 books on furniture, architecture, fabrics, and manufacturing, The Bienenstock Furniture Library, founded in 1970 by FURNITURE WORLD Magazine, is the largest and most complete library and public gift of books on home furnishings in the world. "Sandy" wrote four books on home furnishings, Including "History of American Furniture," which is in use as a college text.

Bienenstock received the Southern Furniture Manufacturers' Association "Distinguished Service Award" and the IHFRA "Pillars of Industry Award." He co-founded the Furniture Educational Institute and helped to found the school for furniture engineering at North Carolina State. He began his life of giving in the early 1920s as a counselor for young troubled New York boys from broken homes.