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bob timberlake

In 1990, Bob Timberlake (b. 1937), an internationally recognized artist who has become a brand, partnered with Lexington Home Brands to create "The World of Bob Timberlake." Now topping more than $1 billion in furniture sales, his coordinated lifestyle displays have spanned seven collections, including 18th Century, Arts and Crafts, English Cottage and Irish Cottage, thus laying the foundation for theme-based furniture collections that today are popular throughout the industry. In 2006, he invested in Linwood Furniture in Linwood, N.C., in order to ensure that the furniture bearing his name would continue to be manufactured domestically.

Mr. Timberlake's licensed products reflect his sportsmanship, personality and love for his family and span across 20 categories including furniture, textiles, wall décor, floor coverings, lighting, tabletop, gifts, home designs, apparel, books and collectible items. These collections are cross-marketed not only in furniture stores, but also gift stores, online, and in his freestanding Bob Timberlake Galleries launched in 1997 to display and retail a sampling of all of his licensed products. Today, Mr. Timberlake serves as Chairman of Bob Timberlake, Inc. which includes Bob Timberlake Licensing and The Bob Timberlake Gallery.