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albert g. juilfs

A founder of Senco Products, Inc., Albert Juilfs (b.1891 d.1970) was truly an inventive genius and pioneer. He built the industry's first fully automatic pneumatic upholstery stapling tool. Replacing the manual tack hammer, the pneumatic stapler cut training time from months to days, increased productivity, lowered labor costs, and reduced the problem of finding skilled craftsmen. The industry no longer had to rely on, or be limited by, the skill of the "tack spitter." Perhaps the major benefit to business from this tool was the ability to raise quality standards.

As Juilfs developed new fastening technology and processes, larger and more powerful tools were introduced for nearly every furniture and case goods workstation. During a lifetime that saw him acquire almost 100 patents, he made an immense impact on the furniture industry. Through his ingenuity, Juilfs led the industry to realize the significant increases in productivity needed to keep United States furniture competitive in the world market.

To recognize the important contributions of Al Juilfs, look in any furniture manufacturer's shop, no matter the size, at the assortment of air-powered fastening tools.

Juilfs retired as Senco president in 1966 and stayed active in the company as chairman of the board emeritus. He affiliated Senco with the International Forster Parents Plan. Research fellowships in wood construction were established by Juilfs at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.