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J. Thayer Coggin

Thayer Coggin (b.1922 d. 2003) founded his company in 1953 after returning from service as a U.S. Army medic in North Africa and completing his college degree from High Point University.

He pioneered the move in the United States in 1953 toward producing high quality, contemporary, bold, modern concepts and bright colors of furniture design. This was far removed from the traditional designs that had dominated the American market since the beginning of the industrial age. His company helped define the modern furniture movement of post-World War II America. Thayer was convinced that consumers were ready for new designs that would allow more flexibility and personal expression in interior design.

From the beginning, his selection of designer Milo Baughman produced an award winning team that was on the cutting edge of new directions in design and manufacturing excellence in the United States. Thayer Coggin was the first to produce a contemporary styled recliner in United States. Thayer held many patents. He received the first "Outstanding Designer Support Award" presented by the Society of Furniture Designers in 1989.

Thayer and his wife, Dot, have been known for their cooperation, contributions, and involvement in the furniture industry as well as the High Point community.

Thayer Coggin truly changed the face of retailing choices and helped create the contemporary market.