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plato s. wilson

Plato S. Wilson was born in Morganton, N.C. (b. 1925 d.2016). One of his first customers was Henry Wilson of Henredon. His initial turndown was overcome, and he bought not one but two pages of advertising for Plato's high school yearbook. When he graduated from Duke, Mr. Wilson was there and offered him a job selling furniture, and a brand new car. That was the first of only two jobs in Plato's career. The other was with Henkel Harris.

Although his Southeastern territory was small and average, he consistently worked so hard and trained his retailer salespeople so well that he overwhelmed the competition. He produced several $10 million years and even scored a $1 million day.

After 2.6 million miles traveled, and life sales of $154 million, Plato has written an autobiography, "A Dream to Sell" which is a "how to" manual woven into the story of his life.

Plato Wilson is the archetype of the "Successful Salesman"...representing 40,000 or 50,000 of those who carried bags alongside him during almost 50 years.

He has served on the High Point Board of the Salvation Army for 20 years receiving their highest award, "The Others." He has contributed substantially to High Point University's Home Furnishings Program.