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Harold philip braun

Harold Philip Braun (b.1904 d.1990) was known to his peers as "The Great White Father," a reference to his tall and striking appearance, his white hair and mustache, and to the fact that he authored the Constitution of the International Home Furnishings Representatives Association.

Mr. Braun represented Hickory Cabinet, Granite Furniture, Hickory Furniture Shops, and Berkline. He remained with Berkline most of his career until his retirement. His strong influence on fellow sales representatives extended beyond his company affiliations.

As a leader in his professional association, IHFRA, he originated the "Buy Better Furniture Values Now" program that was tied to the National Open House Week. He presented the idea at IHFRA's Conference in Chicago in 1958, and throughout the year traveled extensively speaking to retailers, manufacturers and suppliers about the program. At a meeting in Greensboro, NC, attended by some 600 industry leaders, the program was adopted. He traveled and spoke extensively in support of the program, sometimes to the neglect of his own business. The program drew commendation from throughout the industry. In 1977 he was presented with lHFRA's Distinguished Service Award (known then as the "Man of the Mark" award), and today the award bears Harold Braun's name.

Harold Braun's gift of leadership extended outside the industry as well. He was an important influence on the passage of the Keogh Self Employment pension law, often traveling to Washington at his own expense to advocate the bill's passage.