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spencer colie kittinger

Spencer Colie Kittinger (b.1901 d.1968) served as Kittinger president from 1941 to 1966 during a period of growth and innovation. His history with the company and the industry began in 1917 when he graduated from Lehigh University and started full time with the company.

The name Kittinger became a legend in the furniture industry for high-quality reproductions of English and American antiques. The company is well known as the only authorized manufacturer of the furniture of Colonial Williamsburg for 54 years. They also had an exclusive appointment to make Newport Reproductions. In the 1960s, the White House commissioned Kittinger to furnish several rooms in the West Wing, among them the President's huge conference room. The massive conference tables and chairs are still in use. During this growth period, they began to design and produce for the office. With a constant backlog of orders, their dollar volume was at that time in the range of $4.5 million.

Spencer adopted his father's motto: "Our business is not primarily to turn furniture into money but to produce something really worthwhile and to serve well."

Spencer Kittinger spent half a century as a leader in innovation, design excellence, and maintenance of the highest quality standards. His goals, plus his knowledge and experience, helped to raise the performance levels of the entire industry.